I am sure you have searched on line for the “Holy Grail of Trading” or the “Holy Grail of Stock Indicators. Your searches led you to sites all claiming ridiculous results….but first pay me $500 and I’ll send you my method. But occasionally you do find something in the $59 range so you buy it but soon find that method is actually your method of trading.

You’ve done this over and over; you keep trying new methods, you keep tweaking indicators, you spend more hours on line searching for that perfect method, and you keep trading only to lose over and over again. Does this sound familiar?

I began my stock market education back in 2000. I attended some 25 seminars, spent hundreds of dollars on books, practice traded for 1 year, then funded an account with $5,000.….AND,…lost it all within 2 months.

So for the next 6 months I hit the Internet and began to search out the knowledge of stock trader gurus via blogs; penny stock alerts, became a student of Elliott Wave, Cycle patterns, seasonal patterns etc…and soon became a Technical Analysis expert. You have done the same right?

I funded yet another account at a different broker, this time with $10,000. Armed with my newfound knowledge, I lost that account in even less time

Does this sound familiar?

Does it seem the “Street” is against you; that the Market is rigged? Do you feel that every time you trade your name flashes on a screen in New York just so they can screw you? How many times have you entered a trade based on your indicators that showed or indicated the “perfect set-up”….it has been back tested…it will not fail…no way it will fail…and just as soon as you enter the trade it goes against you and CONTINUES to go against you to the point you throw up and get out….and then what happens? At the exact moment you get out, the price starts to rise and rise hard all way back to your previous entry price and then screams past it!

I have even turned my monitor upside down and tried trading that way.

Oddly enough that began to work. Is it possible that “The Street” just does the complete opposite of us? Do they know we all watch and use the same old crap indicators and just move against us?

So I began to back test multiple indicators. I drew so called trend lines totally different; threw out Fibonacci, Elliott, Gann and all those popular wave count crap methods. Basically I took all the popular TA methods and turned them upside down and I began to see and develop a unique pattern where now, for the first time since 2000, I am finally trading for profits.

I was also on a search for that elusive institutional footprint, searching for clues, to guarantee profitable trades.

That was early 2010. I have since paid off my mortgage, all my vehicles and now classify myself as “Retired” from corporate America after spending 35 years in 1 industry. My new job/career is trading the market successfully.

To be honest, I look to make $200 gross a day trading. I learned long time ago not to be greedy. For me this amount, since I am totally out of debt, is sufficient to maintain my standard of living. Anything over $200 is put into my Grandchildren’s Trust Account.

Can you produce more profits? Of course, but that is up to you.

I had suffered for years, and lost of ton of money. Have I recovered all my loses? Yes…I am out of debt, and I want you to feel the same elation as I did the day I wrote a check to pay off my mortgage…


I have compiled an easy to read, easy to follow trading method, in an E-Book form. The charting package I am recommending has no monthly charges…totally free…. and can be set up for as little as $25.00.

Have I found the HOLY GRAIL of TRADING? I think so. And I want to share it with you. If you are sick and tired of losing money, I may have the solution to your multiple on-line searches for the “Holy Grail of Trading”.

All the details with explanatory charts are contained within my 20 page simple to read E-Book. This is the first print/offering and our introductory price is:


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YOU DON'T NEED THIS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YOU DON'T NEED THIS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indicator triggered trade on LAS
What a move

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